One nightstand Movie review


what an amazing movie this is!
based on true story, A guy get attached with a girl and spend a night with that girl and the result was that he lost his own wife and career and ran from pillar to post in order to convince his wife but it was too late to be realized and his all efforts gone all in vein .The movie has silent lesson and behind that lesson there is the moral of our life; how it should be spent. if You are leading a perfect life, you have all the joys of life, all the light of relations let them go where they take you do not lose them for a unknowable person who attached in your life and alive his unbearable feelings within your heart and mind just let that person go where from he came. The movie realized the true relation of my family and my career as well. it remind me my past memories while watching movie i get angered with myself! and my eyes have been started tearing. how could i do this one. The one who loves us, the one who sacrificed his/her entire life for the sake of us. remain all time supporter of us, all the day and night he/she thinks for us but what we give him/her in return just playing with him/her feelings, trying to deceive her/him for just a thing which beautify us for a just single moment give us a temporary pleasure of life we forgot our 10 year relation. Oh! Man how strange you are!; A thing which beautify you give you a comfortable pleasure as you never felt and you wish to catch it at all cost and forgot all responsibilities which are lying on your shoulder no one can take your place, no one is ready to perform these responsibilities
You have to perform them lest you should lost your inner and outer duties. one who does not care of his beloved ones and get attached for just a temporary sex pleasure; one day the whole world will not care of him and will taste the taste of dark nights
and will have to suffer from loneliness.
Chris Danial.


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