There may be uncountable reason for a man to blame for his failure. Humans sometimes desire as high as mountains, they love someone beyond their expectations. They are made to believe, no one can love as they lover her/him, they are made to believe, they have desires, the dreams, they have seen, the promises that they have kept with their selves that will be fulfilled at all cost. But whatever is written in the book of their lives; they are unaware, they are quite unable to add or make change in it. No doubt, humans are created in order to make a differences. They have within their power to change the life. When they lead a life of permanent purpose, people change. When they understand every action matters, every result of their actions immediately improve and deciding to do something will make the difference. Their spirit, thoughts, feelings, their desires, their ability to reason as well. May be the cause of making difference in their selves . Sometimes, they all are used in the shape of weapons and considered snakes in the grass; they are likely to bite us, left us in the lurch, unfortunately, they have not got such ability to save their selves from this pity feelings; they are quite unable to change their destiny or make difference. Once again, whatever, written in the book of life, it will be achieved. They are unable to get by their selves . Just wait for your door; when it will be opened from the side of your destiny.
Chris Danial.


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