Oh! My God:
I want to die,
I want to taste the taste of rest,
I want to go a head in order to give myself an appropriate comfort; which i have failed to find here.
Still I am quite unable to find the purpose of my life,
yet, my soul is wandering like a bird with broken wings,
My feelings has been killed,
My heart is tired of waiting her partner,
My mind has been stopped thinking, it is busy in recalling your memories.
Oh! My God,
Now, It is high time to be written her name in the book of my life,
I know, I am the worst person on this earth,
i am the person whom you abominate,
I am the person whom you usually left in the lurch,
throw numberless stones upon me,
Usually makes me the victim of realization.
Oh! My God,
I usually considered myself lucky enough to have you,
to feel you, to kiss you, to meet you, to touch you,
and above all, I am the person who is among the offspring of Hazarat Adam (R.A).
But now time has been become So terrible for me,
Now I consider myself bad enough to take birth in the Shadow of your World,
Oh! God,
Why you have been put me in the grip of troubles?.
You have never given me such happiness as I deserve to have in my life.
Should I leave obeying you?
What you Want from me?
Do I never worship you?
Do I never obey you?
Do I make you the victim of abominate?
No, I do not. Yes, I ?
Than, What is the matter?
Why You are not leaving no stone unturned in order to turn my face in the sea of sorrows.
You have been succeed in your mission.
I Start Considering Myself a wretched person,
who has not got such ability to get his rights rather than abjure.
I no longer accept your worship,
I am totally tired of thinking, wandering and finding the purpose of my life.
What i did?
why you are teasing me again and again?
I Just loved that is my mistake ?
Oh! God,
You Loved yourself with your beloved Prophet.
Did he ever make you the victim of sufferings?
Ask Yourself than turn your face towards me.
What happened if I loved?
Why heart has been created?
Why the feelings have been changed?
Now you are yourself breaking it in hundred of pieces.
My heart is limitless,
My soul is tiredless to bear anymore at all.
My soul is wandering like a hungry bird to find his eatings


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