‪#‎LAte‬ Night Feelings 
Let me free my soul,
let me put your all sorrows in the tank of my heart,
Let me tell you that my entire life is to be sacrificed for the sake yourself.
Let me promise myself that your name will never be erased from my heart.
Let me create the tank of feelings in my heart.
let me dwell my soul in two bodies,
Let me recall the past memories which were spent by us.
let me cut my soul,
Let me bring me up beyond your expectations.
Let me put myself in the soul of your arms.
let me touch my lips with the lips of yours,
Let me give myself the world’s best comfort as i never felt.
let me lost myself in the dreams of yours from where i never comeback,
Let me take an oath that i will true to be my word.
Let me give myself, the real test of love.
At the end, I wish i were die; while losing myself in your dreams,
while touching your lips,
while sucking your tears from your eyes,
while making myself a real hero of your love story.
-Chris Danial.


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